Info: Tips for Baby Sessions

I love photographing babies. Newborn photography sessions are very challenging, but it’s so amazing to see babies when they’re just days old. There’s one thing a photographer and parent must have – patience. A session can go quick and be done in an hour, or it may take 3 hours. It’s important for everyone involved to stay patient. For the session to go smoothly here are a few suggestions.

Keeping your baby comfortable

The key to a great session is keeping the baby comfortable. To capture your baby looking his or her best I want to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible. Little ones can be temperamental, and there is a need for patience when photographing babies. We may need to take that additional time to ensure your baby is as happy as comfortable as possible.

  • Prepare to be patient. If your baby gets fussy, don’t get stressed out. We will try and get the baby comfortable again or we’ll take a break.
  • Bring any items you want used in the session – family heirlooms, toys, blankets, etc.
  • Make sure the baby has a full belly before the session.
  • Loosen the the baby’s diaper about 30 minutes before the session. This allows time for the diaper’s imprint marks to disappear.
  • Bring at least one bottle for feeding.
  • Many of the pictures will work best if the baby is sleeping, so anything you can do to encourage this is recommended.